The Business Accelerator Group (TBA) exists to help small to mid-market business owners and CEOs, take their business further, faster, while building sustainable business systems to ensure long term success.  Its what we do.

We are experienced, successful, B2B executives and business owners, who enjoy helping business owners, CEOs and companies achieve to their full potential.  

Accelerations, not just rescues... Most business owners are a little uncomfortable reaching out to a Business Coach.  They often feel like taking that step, says their business is in deep trouble.  While some companies we have helped had serious problems, most were really good companies, looking to ACCELERATE their growth or path to excellence. 

FREE ADVICE:  Do you have a business question or idea on your mind?  Would you like to get a second opinion from a seasoned, local business expert?  Please feel free to contact us anytime.  There's no cost or obligation to meet or talk by phone.

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What do you need to change, improve, or ACCELERATE to dominate your marketplace?

Our Approach to Market Domination

1. Implement innovative, cost-effective marketing to boost sales immediately


Within 5 days, you can be receiving as many warm, qualified leads as you can manage, without changing your website. We will also help you implement a simple "sales operations" playbook to ensure leads are effectively tracked, nurtured, ACCELERATED and closed. 

2. Identify Highest ROI Activities for business roles and link to compensation


The 80-20 Rule is a REAL THING.   We will help you identify HRAs for each role, and align compensation and daily routines around them, to ensure HRAs are executed consistently. This initiative alone,  will ACCELERATE team productivity by at least 25% in most organizations. 

3. Reconnect CEOs with their original vision and purpose to propel next phase


Back when you first got started, you a clear vision for the business and the belief that eventually, you'd have a solid good work-life balance. Do you still have that same passion?  Do you still believe a work-life balance is achievable? We can help you get BOTH of these on track.

4. Develop a clear, actionable business plan, to ensure the long term success of the business


Most companies possess the tribal "knowledge" to do great work. Often, growth , turnover and delegation lead to best practices get skipped, and then forgotten. We can help you "re-document" your best practices and develop a simple 3 page plan for success.

5. Implement a game-changing, high retention, low time investment, recruiting system


Amazon changed shopping. UBER changed the taxi business. Our unique, near ZERO cost, recruiting is equally disruptive. Say goodbye to stacks of resumes and endless interviews. Say hello to happier applicants and team members.  If you this sounds too good to be, please contact us.

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6. Optimize key business systems and processes to scale company and deliver work-life balance


Work-life balance shouldn't be a GOAL. Its actually a FOUNDATION for long term success.  We will help your team rebuild their workdays around Highest ROI Activities (HRAs), with accountability and rewards, so work-life balance becomes a bedrock for excellence and growth.

What does TBA Accelerate?

Business owners and CEOs are typically looking to ACCELERATE success in at least one of these areas of their business:

Accelerate GROWTH NOW, and Accelerate PROFIT along the way



Accelerate Owner / CEO Professional Development

Accelerate WORK-LIFE Balance

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What results might you expect?

Just a Few Successes...

Will your results be above average the average of 2X Profit and 5X ROI, in 18 months or less?

On average, companies who implement these strategies and our recommendations, experience immediate growth, double their profit within 18 months, and realize a 5:1 to 7:1 return on their investment.  

The successes listed below, include results delivered as a business coach, a business owner, as well as those delivered as an executive for mid-market to Fortune 500.

- CEO of $200M B2B turned declining sales into 19% annualized growth in just 6 months.

- President and RVP of $150M B2B moved region from -5% to +10% profit in 19 months.

- Owner of $20M luxury home builder drove 390% ( $2M/yr) profit increase, in 20 months.

- Owner and GM of $1M B2B grew company to $6M and 17% net profit, in 42 months.

- Owner of mid-market B2B, used high-retention recruiting to identify and hire 8 stars in 11 days.

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